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Marriages: South Carolina

March 27, 1942
Willis A. Taylor age 49, Place of Residence: Wilson, N.C. to
Sallie Boone age 26, Place of Residence: Wilson, N.C.

April 26, 1941
Henry Lee Taylor age 44, Place of Residence: LaGoon, N.C. to
Lizzie Jane Smith age 19, Place of Residence: LaGoon, N.C.

April 20, 1916
John Monroe Taylor age 38, Place of Residence: Dillon, S.C. to
Anner Cook age 23, Place of Residence: Dillon, S.C.

Information came from, Office of Probate Judge
Can get copies of these Marriages at:
Office of Probate Judge
P.O. Box 189
Dillon, SC 29536
Descendants of Daniel David TAYLOR

1. DANIEL DAVID TAYLOR was born December 11, 1798 in <, Rockingham, Nc>, and died July 09, 1883 in Alleghany, NC. He married SOPHIE SOUTHER1 October 31, 1822 in Rockingham, NC.


1.ANDERSON LEE TAYLOR, b. July 28, 1835, Rockingham, NC; d. February 02, 1914, Comers Rock, Grayson, VA.

Generation No. 2

ANDERSON LEE TAYLOR (DANIEL DAVID1) was born July 28, 1835 in Rockingham, NC, and died February 02, 1914 in Comers Rock, Grayson, VA. He married NANCY E. RHUDY April 01, 1858 in Elk Creek, Grayson, VA.


1.THURSEY E TAYLOR b. September 23, 1860, Grayson, VA; d. February 06, 1861.

2.JOHN WESLEY TAYLOR b. May 28, 1864, Grayson, VA; d. Abt. 1946,CA; m. FRANCES MYRTLE ROE July 07, 1897.

3.FREEL ALEXANDER TAYLOR, b. March 05, 1866, Comers Rock, Grayson, VA; d. August 08, 1917, Troutdale, Grayson, VA.

4.DANIEL EMMETT TAYLOR b. October 24, 1867, Grayson, VA; d. March 08, 1936, , TN; m. MARY JANE HALE1, January 26, 1891, Grayson, VA.

5.FLOYD EDMOND TAYLOR b. February 24, 1869, Bethel, Grayson, VA; d. June 21, 1921; m. CEDELLA PARKS November 05, 1891.

6.CHARLOTTE BELLE TAYLOR, b. July 20, 1871, Grayson, VA; d. July 24, 1956.

7.WILLIAM GUY TAYLOR b. July 08, 1873, Grayson, VA; d. January 25, 1934; m. EFFIE CORNETT March 25, 1896.

8.MALIE S TAYLOR b. February 01, 1881, Grayson, VA; d. February 01, 1881.

Generation No. 3

FREEL ALEXANDER TAYLOR (ANDERSON LEE2, DANIEL DAVID1) was born March 05, 1866 in Comers Rock, Grayson, VA, and died August 08, 1917 in Troutdale, Grayson, VA. He married ROSY BELL HARRINGTON December 31, 1883 in Bethel, Grayson, VA.


1.WILLIAM TAYLOR b. October 11, 1885, Grayson, VA; d. 1954, Roanoke, , VA; m. GOLDIE SMITH April 26, 1916.

2.BIRKET FOSTER TAYLOR, b. April 01, 1887, Trout Dale, Grayson, VA; d. July 21, 1958, Marion, Smyth, VA.

3.CLEO TAYLOR b. October 26, 1888, Grayson, VA; d. January 05, 1892.

4.FLORENCE TAYLOR b. February 23, 1890, Grayson, VA; d. March 05, 1890.

5.NANNIE TAYLOR b. February 15, 1891, Grayson, VA; d. January 09, 1892.

6.LETTIE TAYLOR, b. January 13, 1893, Grayson, VA; d. January 29, 1916, Detroit, , MI. She married WARREN CARYLE FULTON

7.CARRIE AMANDA TAYLOR, b. April 30, 1895, Grayson, VA; d. February 24, 1942, Harmony, , NC.

8.BAYARD COY TAYLOR, b. January 05, 1897, Bethel, Grayson, VA; d. April 23, 1972, Bethel, Grayson, VA. He married NETTIE GENEVA HACKLER1 September 28, 1919 in Grayson, VA.

9.OLLIE TAYLOR, b. July 08, 1898, ; d. October 14, 1991, Brooks, Ab.

10.ANNIE (ANNA) (RUTH) TAYLOR, b. October 26, 1899, Grayson, VA.

11.PHILLIP TAYLOR b. Abt. September 17, 1900, Bethel, Grayson, VA; d. December 07, 1906.

12.BESSIE TAYLOR, b. December 18, 1902, Elk Creek, Grayson, VA.

13.JEAN TAYLOR, b. March 05, 1911, Comers Rock, Grayson, VA; d. August 02, 1986, Kingsport, , TN.

14.BLANCH ALIEN TAYLOR1, b. May 05, 1914, Trout Dale, Grayson, VA; d. June 27, 1914.

CHARLOTTE BELLE TAYLOR (ANDERSON LEE2, DANIEL DAVID1) was born July 20, 1871 in Grayson, VA, and died July 24, 1956. She married ROBERT W CORNETT June 28, 1893 in Lundy, , VA.





4.MAMIE ALICE CORNETT b. June 20, 1895, ; d. May 05, 1990; m. MARVIN CHAPPEL (CHAP) SUTHERLAND1, November 01, 1913.

Generation No. 4

BIRKET FOSTER4 TAYLOR (FREEL ALEXANDER3, ANDERSON LEE2, DANIEL DAVID1) was born April 01, 1887 in Trout Dale, Grayson, VA, and died July 21, 1958 in Marion, Smyth, VA. He married RUTH SUSANNAH SUTHERLAND March 12, 1911 in Comers Rock, Grayson, VA.


1.FRED WILLIAM TAYLOR b. February 07, 1912, Comers Rock, Grayson, VA; d. February 20, 1954, Sugar Grove, Smyth, VA;

2.ROY ALEXANDER TAYLOR b. June 25, 1916, Comers Rock, Grayson, VA; d. November 26, 1988, Elk Creek, Grayson, VA

3.ROLFE FREEL TAYLOR1, b. August 16, 1918, Comers Rock, Grayson, VA; d. December 24, 1988, Marion, Smyth, VA

CARRIE AMANDA TAYLOR (FREEL ALEXANDER3, ANDERSON LEE2, DANIEL DAVID1) was born April 30, 1895 in Grayson, VA, and died February 24, 1942 in Harmony, , NC. She married CLYDE HINSHAW June 29, 1914 in Grayson, VA.


1.BERT HINSHAW b. September 18, 1915, <, Grayson, Va>; d. June 15, 1989

ANNIE (ANNA) (RUTH) TAYLOR (FREEL ALEXANDER3, ANDERSON LEE2, DANIEL DAVID1) was born October 26, 1899 in Grayson, VA. She married CLAY BENNINGTON July 01, 1922 in Grayson, VA.


1.RALPH CLAY BENNINGTON b. December 25, 1928, <, Grayson, Va>; d. July 29, 1979, , Germany

JEAN TAYLOR (FREEL ALEXANDER3, ANDERSON LEE2, DANIEL DAVID1) was born March 05, 1911 in Comers Rock, Grayson, VA, and died August 02, 1986 in Kingsport, , TN. She married BURRELL H DELP April 25, 1930 in Grayson, VA.

Children of JEAN TAYLOR and BURRELL DELP are:

1.WILLIAM LEE DELP b. November 13, 1932, <, Grayson, Va>; d. August 18, 1986

Information came from LDS

Descendants of Robert Marion TAYLOR

ROBERT MARION TAYLOR was born August 01, 1854 in Mt Airy, Surry, NC, and died November 15, 1920. He married NETTIE CLAY LAFFON May 03, 1880 in , NC.


1.SARAH LOLA (SALLY) TAYLOR, b. March 11, 1881, in Nc. d. April 26, 1912. She married M J ROY REAGAN1 September 23, 1903.

2.GEORGE FREDERICK TAYLOR, b. March 26, 1887, in NC. He married NINA MARSH September 04, 1900.

3.HARDEN FRANKLIN TAYLOR1, b. July 15, 1890, in NC. He married ELLA WOLTTENHOLME July 03, 1919.

4.JOHN ROY TAYLOR, b. January 12, 1893, in NC. He married GRETCHEN BRONSON1 July 22, 1919.

5.WILLIAM ROBERT TAYLOR b. February 15, 1893, in NC. He married PAULINE ALICE LANKFORD

6.WESLEY TAYLOR b. June 09, 1897, in NC. He married ELIZABETH WAGG

Information came from LDS

Frank E. Taylor: Charleston, SC

News and Courier Mar 22, 1945 Charleston, SC

SC Birthday Born in charleston, March 22,1846. frank E. Taylor was educated at the Charleston High School and Hillsboro Military Academy in North carolina. Leaving school, he joined Company A of the Hampton Legion, efficiently performed scout duty in Virginia, and served in many engagements. Refusing to surrender at Appomattox, he escaped with a group of men under General Mart W. Gary, intending to join and follow Jefferson Davis. After the latter's capture, Taylor took his parole at Augusta, May 1865. Returning to Charleston he entered George W. Williams & Co, cotton factors and wholesale merchants: later, he was with Robertson & Taylor. In 1868 he married Clara Scott wilson of Williamsburg. As vice president and general manager of Ashepoo Fertilizer Company, for more than 30 years he was active in the mining of phosphate rock. One of the most efficient and competent men in this business, his opinions as an expert were often requested. Also, for much of his life he was in the cotton business both as a factor and a manufacturer. For years he was president of the Charleston Cotton Exchange. He was a captain in the Sumter Guards, a member of the Hugenot society, New England society, South Carolina society, and Sons of the American Revolution, also first vice president of the Washington Light Infantry Survivor's association, president of the Howard association, trustee of the William Enston Home, member of the Port Society of Charleston, and a director of the Carolina Art Association, Pacolet Manufacturing Company, and the Carolina Savings Bank. Mr. Taylor died May 18, 1913.

Frank E. Taylor Passes Away (The News and Courier 5/19/1913)

Dies Unexpectedly at Residence on Rutledge Avenue (Charleston, SC)

Prominently Connected with Phosphate Industry for more than Thirty Years, Being one of Pioneers- Served in Confederate Army for Four Years, taking part in Important Battles- Retired from Business Recently.

Mr. Frank E. Taylor, for many years prominently identified with the phosphate industry, died suddenly late last night at his residence, No. 67 Rutledge Avenue. He was about 70 years of age and had been in poor health recently, though it was not thought that his condition was very serious. He retired from active business about a month ago. Mr. Taylor was on the streets yesterday and his friends thought he was looking quite well.

Mr. Taylor was among the Pioneers in the Phosphate industry in lower SC. He was one of the owners of the Ashepoo Phospate Company, becoming vice president and general manager about fifteen years ago, whenPeter B. and Robert S. Bradley became interested in the concern. He was considered one of the most expert men on phosphate. He was in the business for more than thirty years.

Confederate Veteran, Mr. Taylor served for four years in the Confederate Army, being an officer. He was present in a number of important battles, always proving himself a brave soldier. He showed very keen interest in latter years in the affairs of the Confederacy.

One of his sons is the reverend James H. Taylor, pastor of the Central Presbytarian Church in Washington, DC. The church were the President of the United states, Woodrow Wilson, and his family worship. Mr F.E. Taylor was particularly pleased when it was formally announced that Mr. Wilson had decided to become affiliated with his son's church. He was appreciative of the distinction.

He is survived by a widow and eight children, Mrs. Armstrong, who lives in China. the Rev. James H. Taylor. Dr. John Edward Taylor. Mr. Herbert Taylor. Misses, Alice, Nettie and ruth Taylor. And Mrs. Tristam T. Hyde Jr. The funeral arrangements will probably be announced today.

This is my gg-grandfather, if anyone knows anything about this line, particularly his son, Dr. John Edward Taylor, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Kerry McCarthy Wood, you can contact me at:

Information came from Kerry with her permission to put this piece on my site.

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