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Henry Taylor Family Tree

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Welcome to My Family Tree

All Information on these pages come from Robeson County, NC. And the State Archives in Raleigh, NC. The only documention that I have found on Henry Taylor is a Will dated March 12, 1828. In his will Henry mentions his children and Wife Jennett. The only exception is he names a son as Lamb. It is believed that Lamb's name is Lemuel. I found a Marriage Bond for Nancy Taylor to Stephen Gibbons, dated December 14, 1822 with Lemuel Taylor and John Cook having applied for the Bond. Lamb's siblings in Henry's will and Lemuel's siblings appear to be the same. As of yet I have found no proof other than the Marriage Bond of Nancy's to prove this. If you have any information on Henry's parents or siblings, Or Lemuel's parents or siblings to prove this wrong or correct. All information will be greatly appreciated. Contact me @


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